10 Crazy Things Writers Do

Joan Atkinson

1.  Talk to themselves in the car, to include gestures, as they work through conversations between characters.

2.  Eavesdrop shamelessly.

3.  Gawk at people out of the corners of their eyes or from behind their dark glasses, wanting to look at a fascinating person, but not wanting to be caught staring.

4.  Got to coffee shops for something other than coffee.

5.  Not go into the coffee shop if their favorite table is taken.

6.  Drive a ridiculous distance, at night, in order to have relative strangers read their work and rip it to shreds.

7.  Get up in the morning when even the chickens are still sleeping, just to work in the glow of a laptop for an hour before getting ready for the day job.

8.  Stay up for two hours after the spouse has hit the hay in order to edit that chapter one more time.

9. …

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