Tips for reading and writing with kids

Ha! I just found this. Someone re-blogged something I wrote many years ago. Funny to find here.

Great Books 4 Kids

by tips from Lori Schaefer

I was browsing around the net today and came across some tips that I thought parents could use when helping their kids with homework.  Shake up spelling words and reading practice with some of the following ideas:

Proofreading is in the CUPS.When students are ready to proofread a piece of writing, have them write the word CUPS in large letters at the top of the page. The C reminds them to check for Capital letters. When they’ve done that, they cross out the C. Next they check for Understanding and cross out the U. They continue proofreading, checking for Punctuation (P) and Spelling (S) in the same way. Reading for only one thing at a time is very accurate. Crossing out CUPS shows you they have done proofreading on their own. (Great tip for late elementary through high school – heck, I could use this…

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