It makes me feel like dancing

When I started wearing my Fitbit, I was pretty much convinced that I was already moving enough to maintain my weight. After losing 35 pounds twelve years ago with Weight Watchers, my healthy eating and activity habits are pretty well-documented and well…habitual. I refuse to eat less than my recommended budget. My mantra: Don’t do anything to lose weight that you aren’t willing to do to keep it off.
Moreover, I’ve been a WW leader for seven years. I know this stuff. But I’m also in my sixties and retired. And the scale was giving me feedback I didn’t like. But seriously, shouldn’t that sweaty 45 minutes on the elliptical four times a week, a yoga class, a long walk every Friday, little walks in between, and living in a three-story house be enough? I mean I’m not THAT sedentary, right?
Wrong. My post-retirement life is just that sedentary. So I followed the advice I give my members: set some itty-bitty goals. My starting goal was 8000 steps a day for two weeks. I made it most days, but it took walking, marching and dancing through numerous television shows to make it. I also read my email and the newspaper on my mobile device while walking in place. I started focusing on even smaller milestones like 4000 steps before I could lie on the couch after lunch. And 6000 steps before 3 o’clock.
This week, I upped my goal to 8500 steps per day. And just to show you how challenging that is, Wednesday, after doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and attending a one-hour yoga class, I hadn’t even made 4000 steps by one o’clock. I marched and danced in place all afternoon and part of the evening and finally ended with just over 9000 steps.
The good news is that scale has stopped inching upward and started heading back to a happier number. And I’m sure my dancing has improved.

8 thoughts on “It makes me feel like dancing

  1. It’s incredibly difficult to get to the weight you want and, for me, even tougher to keep it there. I run 3 miles a day 6 days a week and do some floor exercises those days too. I’ve been working hard in the garden but still, if I so much as nibble a biscuit, it seems my weight heads north, blast it. What I’m trying to say is that you have my sympathy ,it’s tough in your 60’s, but you have to keep at it.

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    1. Thanks. You’re right, I’m not giving up. It’s just frustrating when what used to work, doesn’t. I know I can’t out-exercise a bad diet, but lately I’m having trouble out-exercising a good one!
      Sun’s shining today after wind, rain and cold. Maybe a walk after lunch?

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  2. If it’s at all possible, I like to take my phone calls while walking. I get some looks at work sometimes because of the way I answer the phone, jump to my feet and start strolling briskly up and down outside my office. Also, anytime I have to proof documents at work, I take long walks (carefully, of course) while I read – it’s actually even a little less distracting than staying seated at my desk.

    I’m sure this goes without saying but make sure your step counter is working right if you’re having a hard accumulating steps. My wife and I have used several and noticed inconsistencies.

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    1. While working I had little trouble getting enough activity. I’m generally pleased with how the fitbit registers activity. I’ve worn other activity monitors and none of them is perfect. Trying not to over think it. And the test for me is the scale. Down another pound this week, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

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  3. I certainly empathize with this post, Lorie. Last August I resigned from a non-profit board I had been on for several years. As a going away present, the organization gave me a Fitbit and unleashed a monster. I’ve always exercised, but have been concerned lately about my balance of active time and sitting time. I should say imbalance. So I, too have been trying to get steps. I now achieve 10,000 steps most days, but I feel like I’m always charging around like The Little Engine That Could!

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