A life well-seasoned

seasoned life coverJanet Sheridan hits just the right balance between poignancy and humor in her memoir as she recounts childhood embarrassments and struggles with advancing age. I knew Ms. Sheridan as a caring and inspiring educator. I was lucky to have taught while she served as principal of my school. She was a gifted noticer of details, always finding something to say beyond the generic “good job.” Those skills, as well as the seeds of her self-deprecating good humor, work ethic and kindness are evident here. This is a lovely little book of bite-sized, tender memories and clever observations. I recommend it.

Here’s the link at amazon: A Seasoned Life

3 thoughts on “A life well-seasoned

  1. Lorie and mossfighter: Your comments touched my heart. Both of you mentioned attributes of my writing that are important to me and that I strive for. You made my little book seem quite important, and I am grateful. Lorie, I also appreciated your kind comments about having me as a principal. I always felt I wasn’t doing enough to support the teachers at Seeliger; your words brought me a measure of solace.

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