18 Delicious Looking Meals That Are Actually Cakes

blog breakfast cake This is just for fun. No commentary other than my compliments to the artist. Click on the link to see more of her fabulous cakes. Pictures are in her gallery.


For the last 10 years, Debbie Does Cakes has been creating custom sculpted cakes for customers in the San Francisco Bay area. By Debbie’s account, “a sculpted cake is a cake carved by hand to resemble anything other than cake”. Debbie does not design traditional cakes of any kind, focusing strictly on one of a kind centerpieces; works of art designed exclusively for her clients and their events.

After learning the ropes at an erotic bakery, Debbie has gone on to create incredible food artworks which you can find online at the links below. In 2012, Debbie even released her first book “Twisted Cakes, Deliciously Evil Designs for Every Occasion“.

Below you will find a selection of Debbie’s sculpted cake designs that look like other foods and meals. You can find much more of her work (including non food-related pieces) at the links below.


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2 thoughts on “18 Delicious Looking Meals That Are Actually Cakes

  1. I’m a little amazed and a LOT grossed by these cakes. Are they even edible? Seems like fondant art more than anything else. And I’m getting diabetes just looking at them! And where are the naughty ones?

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