Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs

Take good careI’d want Heather Lende for my neighbor and friend, especially if I lived in a remote village, far from, well, anything. She writes obituaries for her local paper in tiny, isolated Haines, Alaska. I know that doesn’t sound like a great premise for a book, but this is actually her second book about life and death, love and generosity, survival and community. I read her first, If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name a while ago.

From time spent in the “Sleepless in Seattle Nursing Home” after being run over by a truck, to bear hunting (she does not shoot the bear), to the blessing of the fleet, to making jam, to working with hospice, to planning an Alaskan beach wedding for her daughter, she finds examples of the goodness in the world. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, and faith come through again and again. You may even choke up a little once or twice.  Definitely a feel-good book.

Her third book, Find the Good, just published.

find the goodknow your name

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