What would you do to survive?

edithIn World War II Germany, many good but frightened people kept quiet in order to survive. Jewish Edith Hahn, The Nazi Officer’s Wife, denies who she is to survive the Holocaust.  Edith is saved, not only by her own determination, intelligence and ability to disappear, but also by the kindness of strangers. Furthermore, throughout this memoir, the decency of ordinary people shines through. While one cannot deny the horrific deeds done by cruel and abusive people, that only makes the acts of empathy and kindness shine brighter.

That being said, I think this is the last WWII story for me for a while. Something lighter, please.

6 thoughts on “What would you do to survive?

  1. I am drawn to similar stories but prefers movies over books. While it remains the most horrific time, it also shows the best of humanity and that’s the part that I like knowing about. And like you, I like a lighter material after. Emotionally draining isn’t it? 🙂

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