Progress!  Another book by a teacher who gets it!

Some wise and passionate words about the trouble with so-called “school reform.” There is a better way. Ask a teacher.

Lifting the Curtain

(A guest post by Caroline Lewis follows this introduction)

I just had the chance to be encouraged by seeing another excellent book written about education from a teacher who “gets it.”  It was a very pleasant surprise.  You see, I greatly dislike most self-help books, and especially books about teaching, because all too many come from either the perspective of endless Pollyanna platitudes (“…all is beautiful, things will be better in the morning, there is a silver lining…”) or are written by someone with absolutely no clue about the realities of their topic.  As someone battling cancer, I see and hear that approach every day.  And worse, as a teacher, like all of us, I have had to live through endless PDP sessions by some paid professional “educator” who has not been back in a school classroom since leaving high school.

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