Moving on…

our houseI feel a sea change coming on, a paradigm shift, or maybe I’m realizing just how old I am. I’m sixty-five, for those of you keeping score. For years my husband and I have been saying that this house was not a house to grow old in. It’s a big, two-story house, with three bedrooms and a full walk-out, daylight basement on a large sloped lot. So many stairs! And no bedroom or even a full bath on the ground floor. What were we thinking? Besides, we simply have no desire to maintain it on the off-chance that we’ll have enough company to fill it. The FOR SALE sign is already in the front yard.
Where will we go? Not quite sure, but we do have a plan. After twenty-five years in this house, we’ll try out an apartment before buying something new. Who knows? Maybe we’re ready for a condo. And after nearly forty years in Carson City, we’ll give Reno a try. Furthermore, after a decade of living a thousand or more miles away from our beloved adult daughters, we are moving close to our younger daughter and her family, including our five-year-old granddaughter. Very close. In the same apartment complex, as a matter of fact. And yes, we asked permission to be neighbors.
Another culling of personal belongings is my task this week as we’ll only take the essentials to the apartment. After all, how many dishes, towels and wine glasses does one really need?
So I’ll be posting some thoughts and discoveries as we move through this transition. Other changes are in the wind as well, so this there’s no telling what these posts might cover. No set schedule because—remember—I’m MOVING.


10 thoughts on “Moving on…

      1. I have no grandchildren yet, but frankly I think that is a priority. My grandparents made such a huge difference in my life and I hope to do the same. Love your blog, BTW.

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  1. OK, Lorie, I’m going to be reading your tales of transition with avid attention because Joel and I are starting to have the same sorts of conversations about our house, and I hope I can learn from your experience before I launch myself into something similar.

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