Lying about one’s age runs in my family


In a column I wrote six years ago for the Nevada Appeal, I tell the truth about my family, but not about my age. Click on over to learn about this odd little family tradition of believing that age ain’t nothing but a number…

4 thoughts on “Lying about one’s age runs in my family

  1. Enjoyed your missive way too much. Made me laugh until tears were running down my cheeks. Your aunts reminded me of my own. Such characters.

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  2. That’s quite a family you have, Lorie. I admire their gumption. I’m lack the confidence to be able to lie about my age and think people will believe me; so I usually just blurt it out and get it over with.

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    1. Since everyone knew they were lying, it became a joke. Funny thing: before I turned sixty and told some my actual age, they argued with me. “You can’t be that old!” Since sixty however, they’ve stopped arguing.


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