Ties that Bind: Do I repeat myself?

WordItOut-word-cloud-2111782I discovered yet another layer of revision by making a “word cloud” from my manuscript. I simply pasted my entire manuscript into the tool at WordItOut. You can easily see my overuse of certain words.

I’ve spent the last two mornings removing about half of my uses of know. Only a little tedious. I found most of them were in dialogue that I thought sounded conversational, but was merely boring, you know? Now, maybe I’ll just do that with all the rest.

Thanks to Joan Dempsey over at Revise With Confidence for the link and the insights.

Have you tried this with your writing? What did you learn?

14 thoughts on “Ties that Bind: Do I repeat myself?

  1. Thanx Lori – I’ve used Wordle in the past but it requires Java and I decided not to reinstall Java when I got a new computer. I love making word clouds, so thank you for introducing me to a new site. BTW – I already like your main character, Claire.

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  2. What a good idea! I JUST (like 10 minutes ago) finished the first draft of a novel (YEE HAW!) so once I’ve let it rest for a bit I’m going to try this. Sounds like a great way around my blind spots — Thanks!

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