Friday Field Trip: E.D. Sweeney Building

This is the E. D. Sweeney building at the corner of West King and South Curry in Carson City–then and now.  It was the first commercial building that the fictional Sylvia Jordan from Us, Now and Then bought around 1960. She lived in the upstairs apartment until her accident.

Here’s a little history.

E. D. Sweeney Building

     The Sweeney Building on the southwest corner of King and Curry was one of the earliest commercial buildings in Carson City. When it was built by Peter Cavanaugh circa 1859, it was in the very center of the young town. Now it is one of the few remaining early brick buildings. Cavanaugh also built the State Capitol, a few blocks away.

     The structure has served many purposes over the years. It was erected to house several shops on the ground floor and offices or apartments on the second. In an early photograph, dated circa 1868, signs indicate three enterprises: U. S. Land Office, Edwards’ Law Office and “Groceries and Provisions.”

     Later, it was used by Clayton and Davies, Attorneys at Law, T. D. Edwards, Attorney and Councilor at Law and B. F. Foster: Groceries and Provisions. It also served for a time as the Post Office.

     Between 1919 and 1944, W. T. King and his widow, Emma King, owned the building. Mr. King was a printer and Justice of the Peace. Mrs. King operated a millinery shop in the eastern portion of the first floor, displaying her hats in the bay window. She lived in the western side. Mrs. King rented rooms on the second floor.

Click here for a street view of the neighborhood.

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