Friday Field Trip: Kings Canyon Waterfall

View of Carson City and Eagle Valley from the Upper Waterfall Loop trail.

King Street and Kings Canyon were named after Dr. B. L. King. He and his daughters had a resort in Kings Canyon. “Dr. King opened a brewery at his ranch home on King’s Canyon Creek, and kept a tavern there … Dr. King settled on his ranch in the King’s Canyon Creek meadows in 1852. He cooperated with Frank and W. L. Hall and the Barnard brothers at Eagle Ranch Station in grading a road up to the south fork of King’s Canyon Creek …” according Nevada State Library and Archives files.

~From an article in the Nevada Appeal:

The fictional Claire Jordan, in Us, Now and Then, has always been a runner. After she moves back to Carson City, she frequently runs uphill (!) to the Kings Canyon Waterfall trailhead from her mother’s apartment in the E.D. Sweeney Building, a round trip of nearly six miles. She and Libby also drive to the trailhead and hike up the short trail to the falls or walk the Upper Waterfall Loop which provides spectacular views of Eagle Valley.

Follow this link for more information about the Kings Canyon Waterfall trail and other local hikes.

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