Quarantine Diary 6: Five things, vanity edition

Six weeks of no aesthetic services has made me realize just how high-maintenance I have become. Sure, I miss my every-five-weeks-no-matter-what hair appointment with my hairdresser and friend Brandy at Attitudes. But I’m not going anywhere, and everyone else is in a similar–if not the same boat. We’re all looking a bit grayer and shaggier. It makes me almost grateful that no one can see me like this. Nevertheless, here are five things the quarantine and my vanity have forced me to do.

  1. Experimented with a hairband to camouflage my gray roots. After all, I’d worn a bandana in the 60s. How bad could it be? I thought this was kind of cute, but hubs thought I looked more like a character from Call the Midwife. And not Trixie. So, I ultimately opted for a little at-home root touch-up and trimmed my bangs.rooterasenads
  2. De-fuzzed my own upper lip. My brows and lip were due for a wax appointment in mid-April and while I can camouflage my eyebrows with my long bangs and glasses, the mustache was there for all to see. “All” being me and the aforementioned husband, but still. I searched the internet for good reviews on at-home products. I purchased little waxing strips at Amazon. Inexpensive, easy, and they do a decent job.
  3. Skipped lipstick. I head out shopping without it since it’s covered by my mask. that would save substantial time and money if I went to the store more than once a week.
  4. Lost a couple of pounds. No brag, just fact. As a Lifetime WW member I can attend weekly workshops (now held via Zoom) for free. Those meet-ups have kept me accountable. At least all my clothes will still fit when I emerge from hibernation.
  5. A DIY pedicure. I had a damaged big toenail removed last fall. Weird and gross, but not painful. Okay, I thought. I’m in socks all winter. I’ll forego pedicures until the nail grows back. By mid-April, my toenail was in pretty good shape, but my feet were a wreck. I decided to give myself an at-home pedicure. I managed to soak, scrub, clip, and file my toenails. When I tried to paint them however, I found I was mostly stabbing the tiny brush in the general direction of my toes. Darling husband saw me struggling and offered to take over. I envisioned that he’d apply the polish using the standard “one brushstroke down the middle, then fill in the sides” method that I (and nail techs) used. Nope. His technique was the one developed over years of painting model trains. Dab, dab, dab. And since I don’t like to criticize the efforts or methods of someone who has offered to help me, I said nothing. And the next morning in the shower, I scrubbed off all the polish that had somehow not landed on my toenails. Still, my toes look better and I am grateful.

    Not my feet.

But the thing I am most looking forward to when salons and spas are open again is finally taking advantage of the generous Atlantis Casino Resort Spa gift certificate my friends gave me for my 70th birthday back in February. These are the same friends with whom I spent many happy hours soaking, sipping, and socializing at the Calistoga Hot Springs. I think we’ll all deserve at least a spa day when we get the all-clear. Who wants to join me?

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Diary 6: Five things, vanity edition

  1. Lovely post. Your roommate’s painting technique reminded me of my dad. So. Many. Models.

    My bangs are Veronica Laking on me, when they’re not held back with a clip. The baseball cap is no longer a solution to bad hair day, and that’s a sad development.

    No spa day for me, though I wouldn’t mind a soak in Spencer Hot Springs.



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