2 thoughts on “Mid-week Wisdom

  1. Lori-good morning! To day is Pam’s 60th Birthday. Dave and Julie will be here and I am sure a lot virtually! Pam does my shopping ao I see her and Joel all the time, Dave and Julie too. Eery time I try to go into your blog it take me to work press and wants me to sign up at so much a week or what ever. I don’t know how to do that as I pay be check for anything I buy. I’d love to get some of the recipes from your book and the other things you are writing but can’t. Darn!!! Where can I buy a copy? When this is all over, i have two friends that I want to give them a copy for their birthday= much later in the year. Take care! Hugs, Nancy


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    1. Good morning!
      Hmmm. Not sure what’s happening. There are no fees for visiting my blog at WordPress. Everything is FREE to guests. Here’s a link directly to the recipes, but you should be able to simply click on the link on the upper right side that says “Annie Coopers Recipe Scrapbook.” https://lorieschaefer.com/annie-coopers-recipe-scrapbook/
      Next time Pam is there show her what the trouble is and see if she can figure it out. Or perhaps another email follower out there can help.


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