Quarantine Diary 7: What a lifetime supply means at 70

One of the things I’ve missed most during the quarantine has been the act of shopping. It’s definitely a first-world problem, but still. I don’t necessarily buy anything, but I enjoy simply wandering through a store, imagining how an item might look in my home, or trying on a few things. It gives me pleasure. Online shopping doesn’t quite scratch the same itch. Although I’m definitely giving it a good try.

A month or so ago, while doing some virtual window-shopping, I stumbled upon this and decided to treat myself to a new, well-made “hotel’ swimsuit. The last one I bought from Lands End was over ten years ago, purchased for a Caribbean cruise. It’s still in good shape (like me, ha-ha) because I only take it on vacation and don’t subject it to the punishing amount of chlorine present in a hot tub. That’s what those $20 suits from Costco are for. But this one was so very cute. So, when Lands’ End offered a HUGE discount (60%!) and free shipping, I decided it was time for an update. When I showed my daughter, she assured me with just a hint of eye-roll, “that is so you.” Just who would else would it be?

A few weeks later, with another substantial discount and free shipping, I ordered the sarong-style coverup. I prefer this style because it gracefully covers the little dimples and sags of my thighs.

At seventy, this may be the last hotel swim ensemble I ever buy. Will I ever travel again? Will I need or want a new suit at 80? At 90? It got me thinking about what having a lifetime supply might mean now.

A few weeks ago, Lands’ End (are you sensing a theme here?) once again emailed me


with the promise of 12” shorts—something I haven’t been able to find for at least ten years when I bought my last oxymoronic long shorts. My daughter–again with an eye-roll–reminded me that shorts that long hadn’t been available for a reason. No doubt a crack about my sense of style, or lack thereof. Sorry. At my age, anything shorter reveals too many of the cumulative effects of gravity. True, I usually wear capris in the summer, but sometimes shorts are simply more comfortable. I bought two pairs. Once again, probably a lifetime supply.

Then last week when I made some tasty pumpkin spice muffins, I noticed that I’d used up nearly all of my cupcake papers. There were just a few left and they had jack-o-lantern faces. I only make muffins or cupcakes once or twice a year, but being out of something makes me add it to the weekly shopping list. Two markets—both Walmart and Raley’s– were out. That’s just weird. But the pandemic has made everything a bit weird. So I checked Amazon. Bingo! But they were only $8.00 for a package of 300! 300!

So now I have a lifetime supply of adorable polka dot cupcake papers.

All of this gives me pause. What else do I have a lifetime supply of? As you might imagine, my daughter keeps me well-supplied with snark and eye-rolls. Bless her heart. But to be fair, I inherited a lifetime supply of other intangibles as well. Love. Hope. Optimism. Kindness. And it is for those that I am most heartily grateful.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Diary 7: What a lifetime supply means at 70

  1. Years ago, were you a part of the discussion about doing something for the last time, but not knowing it WAS the last time? It kind of reinforces my goal to live boldly. Not crazy, just bold. Like your cute new ensemble. Which I want, but in red.

    Now to make list of what I have lifetime supply of…

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