Healthy Habits for Happy Humans #1

what you doIn light of the continuing pandemic, I’m rebooting a 2015 series focused on developing habits and routines that help us reach our own health goals. I’m a firm believer that better health (including a healthy weight) can become a happy habit, one teeny-tiny baby step at a time.
Full disclosure:
First, I am human. I am not perfect. I reject rigid rules which will inevitably be broken. You’ve heard them before. Nothing fried, ever. No fast food, ever. Nothing processed, ever. Nothing white, ever. Bah! I also refuse to do anything to lose weight that I’m not willing to do to maintain it. Furthermore, I won’t make moral judgments about foods being “good” or “bad.” Pie is delicious, not evil. Food is just food. It may move me toward my goals or not, but I won’t feel guilty about what I just ate. That is, unless I stole it from a starving child. That would be evil.
Second, while I was a WW (formerly Weight Watcher) leader for eight years, I won’t use this space to sell you on that program. Please don’t try to sell me yours. I’m happy if you’ve found something that works for you. This works for me.
Your first baby step is to stop by next weekend or perhaps, subscribe. I hope to see you again soon! XO

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