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Lorie Smith Schaefer

Chapter 1

Now: So Far Away

Sweat trickled down Claire Jordan’s neck in her makeshift office at the sticky Haitian internet café. A plastic tumbler of iced coffee sweat along with her as a sweet roll remained mostly untouched except by a persistent fly. She checked her email, skimming past all the work-related stuff when she saw a message from Jack.

“Libby’s biopsy came back. Breast cancer. Oncologist appointment next week. Thought you should know.”

Claire looked up from the screen. She touched her left breast, her heart. Her connection to Libby had been formed in the primordial mud pie of early childhood. Pressing their thumbs together and solemnly reciting Robert Frost, they’d become blood sisters at twelve. Promises to keep. Over the years Claire had tested that bond, mostly by her absence. Libby had stayed in their hometown to marry Jack, have children, teach school, and take care…

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