Book Report: A long friendship filled with drama

Firefly Lane is one of Kristin Hannah’s earlier works (2008) and I must tell you this: She gets better. The story should have been right up my alley. The premise even sounds a bit like my novel.

Two lifelong but unlikely friends, each bearing wounds that may have healed, but left behind scars. One anchored at home, one who flies off. Their searches for family, for connection, for meaning, for survival. This is a thirty-year journey that exhibits Kate and Tully’s strength, resilience, and profound love for one another. Lots of location and period details too—TV, music, fashion, pop culture, current events–anchoring us around Seattle during the 1970s-2000s

And Netflix liked it enough to turn it into a series. So maybe it’s just me.

While I admired the deeply personal portrayals of the characters’ feelings, I grew a bit weary of the constant internal struggles that seemed to arise out of thin air. Talk about drama! I found myself shaking my head at their actions. They should have known better!

Maybe this book had too much personal conflict for me. Too much raw emotion. Too much volatility. Yes, I know good stories are built around conflict. Sometimes this just felt a little manufactured and manipulative.

But I could be wrong. After all, Kristin Hannah sells way more books than I do.

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