This week the most challenging chore has been this Bloganuary Challenge. You see, I’m also doing the 5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge, creating Amazon ads for my book. That challenge involves instructional videos and homework assignments.  Usually I enjoy writing and learning, but this week it’s a real struggle.

But in general, the most challenging chore is meal planning. My husband and I have VERY different tastes and dietary considerations. It was worse when the kids were home, but they moved out decades ago. And now due to some food intolerances, I have to limit two of the best things in life–eggs and dairy. In addition, I’ve been a Lifetime Weight Watcher for twenty years and monitor my eating habits and the scale pretty closely. We’re both pretty stuck in our ways.

So, for the last few years, we only plan one or two dinners per week. Usually, leftovers from those meals fill in a blank or two. But the rest of the time, while we sit at the table together, we are likely eating very different things. Neither efficient nor economical, but it works for us. And that one particularly challenging chore is avoided.

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