Buy my book, please

cropped-img_20200125_153404_012-1.jpgAmazon has the Kindle version as well as paperbacks. You can also read reviews from readers, in case you’re on the fence. So many stars!

Nook readers can find the eBook at Barnes and Noble.

Not a Kindle reader? Or have a thing against buying anything from Amazon and Jeff Bezos? I’ve got you covered. An epub version is available through Smashwords. If you have trouble finding or reading your book, check this support page.  You can also click here to become part of their affiliate program.

KOBO, Apple Books, and Overdrive readers, please check your sources. If the eBook isn’t already in your library, kindly add it to your library’s wish-list.

A word about Book Clubs

Do you belong to a Book Club? I do. In fact, had them in mind when I wrote Us,Now and Then. I’d love to be invited to your meeting, either in-person or virtually . Let me know. I can even supply questions for discussion if you like.

Once you’ve read it, I’d appreciate some stars and few words of a review at Amazon, Goodreads, and/or your favorite social media hangout.

Indie author here. Every little bit helps.

Thanks and take care.

XO Lorie