Historical fiction? Regency romance? Wilma’s got you covered!

enemy-hands memory1

My friend, author Wilma Counts just sent this message. I am posting it here as a favor. My book club read her compelling IN ENEMY HANDS last fall and loved it. You can find out about her other wonderful books and read her blog here: https://wilmacounts.wordpress.com/

“My editor and his staff tell me I am not using social media enough to get the word out about my books. (They don’t seem to know what a techno klutz I am!)  Anyway, I figure if I can persuade even half of my friends and former students to each tell just TWO of THEIR contacts about my new releases–one in Sept, 2014, and on coming in March), I could be on the bestseller lists in no time!  Check me out on Amazon or at Wilma Counts–Author. And do let me know  what you think.”

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