Annie Cooper’s Recipe Scrapbook

I always loved Laura Kalpakian’s novel, American Cookery and wanted to include a few recipes in my novel as she had done. I just couldn’t make it work as seamlessly as she did. So I’ve collected the recipes here, in Annie Cooper’s Recipe Scrapbook. And thanks to a request from a follower, I’ve given recipes from their own page, so they are easy for readers to find.

Annie is Libby’s twenty-something daughter who creates a recipe scrapbook after her grandmother dies. Each recipe is accompanied by a few cook’s notes from one of the characters in US, NOW AND THEN.


Aunt Ellie’s Quick Fudge Cookies

Claire’s Butternut Squash and Apples

Fran’s Tamale Pie

Fran’s Oatmeal Camping Cake

Fran & Libby’s Fluffy White Icing

Fran and Libby’s Soft Gingersnaps

Jack’s Nevada Day Posole

Libby’s Chicken Salad

Libby’s Legendary Scones

Sylvia’s Dutch Babies

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