I took a chance and look what happened!

Last week, following advice from Mark Coker’s Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, I sent a news release to Carson City’s newspaper, The Nevada Appeal. We’d lived and worked in Carson City for nearly forty years and I contributed columns to the Appeal’s Opinion page for fifteen of them. If I were going to get any paper to pay attention to my book, it was going to be the Appeal. I followed Mark’s detailed formatting and content suggestions to the letter.

Still, I wasn’t expecting much. And when I didn’t hear back, I understood. With all the COVID-19 and crashing economy news, my little book is pretty unimportant.

And then this happened today.

appeal article 2

It’s my news release, nearly verbatim. As a writer friend noted, “You’re still writing for the Appeal.”

Update: The e-Book is available FREE at Smashwords NOW until April 20, as a gift to readers during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you prefer the Kindle version or a paperback, those are at Amazon. Barnes and Noble will only have e-Books.

4 thoughts on “I took a chance and look what happened!

  1. So glad the article about your book was published in the Appeal! I couldn’t find it on the online version but could read it from the photo.

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